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Floral Diffusers

Floral Diffusers

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This stylish home accessory adds a steady stream of uninterrupted scent to any space.

100ml.  This understated and sleek  Diffuser comes with reeds sticks and is filled with florals.

Eid Mubarak tag not included.

1. Remove the anti-spill stopper on the bottle

2. Place the reed sticks in the bottle and allow them to sit for 45- 60 minutes. You should start to notice the sticks slowly absorbing the oil.

3.Carefully take out the sticks and flip the reeds over this helps to speed up the process of the oil soaking up from the bottom diffusing through the entire reed stick. (wipe any spills)

4. Place your reed diffuser somewhere suitable in your home. Place it where it won't be knocked or investigated by curious children or pets. Be sure to keep it well away from electrical appliances too, in case of a spill.

5. Let your reed diffuser naturally permeate your space, reed diffusers will continue to evaporate into the air, creating a subtle and luxurious scent.

6. Do Not light the diffuser reeds, keep away from an open flame

7. To refresh the fragrance of the diffuser, repeat step 3 as often as you like. (recommended one every few days or once a week)

8. Please read the warning and care instructions provided with the diffuser before opening. if you did not receive one, please send us an email.


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