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Pink Eid Goodie Bags

Pink Eid Goodie Bags

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Each bag includes

  • 5 squeaky toys (can be used in the bath)
  • Sugar crystal lollypop
  • Mini Nerds
  • Fizzer Lolly
  • Frozen streamer blower
  • Frozen prism viewer
  • Frozen maze puzzles
  • Frozen tracer ruler
  • Frozen Spinner tops
  • Frozen mini book
  • Frozen kids ring

Bag also includes EITHER

  • Yupi Big Frank & 4 kinder chocolates OR
  • Chupa Chups Bites & 1 kinder chocolate OR
  • JJ chicken flavoured chips

Bag dimensions (cm) 26 10 6

NOTE - Squeak toys are a choking hazard, KEEP AWAY FROM LITTLE KIDS, not suitable for babies or toddlers. Do not put in the mouth, the squeaker can come out and get lodged in the throat.

Some lollies may not have the halal stamp on them but their ingredients list are free from non halal items, and Allah knows best. 

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